Cool Up Records The Sherlock Horns ft Tenor Mario –
Off the Cuff the Live Music Bar in the heart of Herne Hill, London, SE24
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Cool Up Records The Sherlock Horns ft Tenor Mario –

31st July, 7pm. £5 on the door.

Cool Up Records & The Sherlock Horns present their live show, a dynamic Reggae music performance that combines the selection of Dj Alameda Sound, the singer and showman Tenor Mario and the brass section formed by Pedro Caballero (saxophone) and Toni Martin (trombone). After years of touring different cities in Spain this format has managed to fill several clubs and events, always generating a great dance and a special connection with the concert crowd, highlighting their amazing performance at Womad Cáceres Spain 2022 with more than 25,000 attendees and now performing as part of the line up at Womad UK 2022.

The whole musical repertoire has been composed and produced by the same musicians who form Cool Up Records, a record label from Seville, Spain that has been working for several years with national and international artists and that has managed to position itself as one of the most ambitious and active Reggae projects in Spain, distributing internationally its own music on vinyl format with several sold out and great reviews. This format with Dj, singer and live brass section has established itself as a safe bet for soundsystem events, concert halls and festivals that seek to offer something of quality and different to their audience.